Gold Succulent Sculpture with Square Geometric Planter

Gold Succulent Sculpture with Square Geometric Planter


Choose from Photo 1, 2, or 3! (Gold Haworthia, Echeveria, or Graptoveria with white square geometric planter).

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This selection of haworthia, echeveria, or graptoveria gold succulent sculpture with white, square, geometric planter is ideally suited for use as beautiful and unique home or office décor. Place on your mantel, coffee table, and desktop, or gift to friends, coworkers and relatives as a symbol of endurance and vitality. 

Each succulent statuette is designed to be removed from the planter; so owning more than one creates a degree of customizability; you can interchange the plants and planters to your liking. 

The choice of a pristine white plaster cement for these statuettes suggests their categorization as miniature art objects, while the introduction of luminous metallic and special-edition color paints endows them with a sense of luxury and playfulness. 

Succulent plants are known to inhabit some of harshest environments in the world; their ‘succulence’ defined by an incredible ability to store water internally, conserving it for times of drought. This unique adaptation gives their stems and leaves the endearing ‘fleshy’ appearance that millions of people adore.

As a designer, my love and appreciation for these beautiful plants enticed me to create a method of capturing them in their peak condition, where they never outgrow their perfectly compact, geometric silhouettes and there's absolutely no associated mess or maintenance. 

This PATENT PENDING technique replicates each plants naturally compact, plump form, down to such minute detail that observers often initially mistake them for the live plant. 

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