Abstract Compositions: Coming soon

rapture series, oil on canvas, 2010-2011, 2013

This series of paintings was inspired by a movement in art history called Symbolism. Artists as wide ranging stylistically from Whistler to Gauguin, had in common a concern for the suggestive; intent on conjuring up mood, emotion, and reflection in the viewer by the way in which the landscape was represented. These painters did not concern themselves as much with an accurate description of the natural world, but sought for something within and beyond it, using color and form to suggest the profound emotions of human experience. 
I began each one by gathering images of landscape, flora, and fauna from various parts of the world. Reference to reality being only a starting point, birds, insects, or plants from different climates and geographical locations are displaced into a partly observed and partly imagined landscape where they would never otherwise exist. Rather than creating a feeling of discordance, an imagined symbiosis is achieved between species and location through mimicry of color and form. The raw material I find in photographs and in the landscape that surrounds me, I simplify or distort, reduce, or exaggerate into fluid compositions using a palette of brilliant color; a landscape of dreams.

Province, oil on canvas, 2007